Products are made to individual order.

Timber doors and windows are very durable. If they are properly operated and maintained, will respond to their users many years of beauty and functionality. Production of wooden joinery are distinguished by very good mechanical properties and thermal. Wood is a material of natural origin, it is closer to us than plastics. The structure of the wood, its appearance and its inner warmth for many centuries were the inspiration for a man to carry with him different types of useful and ornamental.

Doors and windows
Doors and windows can be painted with transparent stains, which allow to see the grain of wood or with opaque lacquer in any RAL or NCS colours. Other colour collections are available upon request.

Stains and paints which cover our wooden windows are permeable, which allows the wood to breathe.



  • Pine – easily machined, inflexible about the average shrinkage. Easily stained. Good stability in dry and wet conditions
  • Meranti – wood fairly lightweight, hard Frequently, it is mistakenly called mahogany. It is exotic wood, originating in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. It has high resistance to moisture, so that has a low probability of occurrence of cracks. It is more resistant to the effects of weather, than pine wood.

The characteristic appearance of the surface of meranti wood suited to products made from it, unique aesthetic features. Natural coloring and makes the transparent varnish the resulting fall colors in red, the intensity of which depends on the batch of wood.

  • Oak – has almost twice the density than pine or meranti.

With features mechanical products oak are among the most durable wood products, we can meet.

Oak is the most valuable tree species naturally occurring in our country, whose wood is used in industry. Tree is famous for its longevity and thus growing the stately and dignified sizes. In past centuries, especially overgrown oaks were objects of worship.

Characteristic surface appearance of oak gives to products made from it, unique aesthetic features.


Ways to open:

  • Standard inward/outward opening
  • Sliding
  • Folding and sliding



  • Standard float
  • Laminated
  • Laminated anti-theft glass
  • Toughened
  • Solar
  • Acoustic
  • other options available upon request